Project FootPrints

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“Helping the underprivileged children and imparting skills to them which will enable them to excel in life and to motivate them to confront the situation through collective action thereby giving the child and themselves an opportunity to realize their full potential.”

Project FootPrints is a social Initiative by the Development Sector of AIESEC Chandigarh.


  • Project aims at involving all types of students in to this project so that the Youth of our country gets enlightened towards the issue.
  • To give an opportunity to students willing to work on the Social front, to gain perspective and develop and hone their understanding and skills in the entire process.
  • To help the children realize their true potential, to understand the world, gain confidence and become the leaders of tomorrow

Issues Addressed:

  • Teaching Moral values and Spreading Communal Harmony
  • Teaching music, drama,art and craft
  • Promoting Healthy Living
  • Child Rights
  • Helping Mentally and physically disabled children

Project Footprints:

  • The interns will help children in developing their personality and leadership skills.
  • Interns will help in developing innovative methods to involve the children in learning something new by teaching them weaving, embroidery, or some other art which would help them in their daily lives.
  • The intern will teach English to kids studying in the rural school as well as some basic computer skills.
  • The interns will deliver workshops on HIV/AIDS and environment, for the parents of the concerned children.

“Inspiring children to become Change Makers.”

Unique Experience:

  • Interaction that will bring about new ideas, new perspectives and again open a new chain of thoughts.
  • To create a truly global environment within the state on the issue of Child rights.
  • Eye opener towards certain ground realities in various parts of India.
  • Creating passion and a sense of contribution to society.
  • To stimulate creativityand innovation.
  • Succession planning for initiatives to promote child education and rights.
  • Experience to fulfill the vision turning hope into action”.


Project Rural Development

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Rural Development is a social Initiative by the Development Sector of AIESEC Chandigarh, so as to spread the knowledge of tribal life through the world in order to prevent there culture and at the same time increase awareness of modern world among the indigenous people. This would inspire these groups to step forward in today’s era and contribute to the growth of the country by  organizing various work‐shops, seminars, learning events and bringing in International students from all across the globe to work on the same.


“To provide services for needy individuals living in rural areas to develop life skills, improve their livelihood and opportunity for a better standard of living by initiating and developing various services targeting their needs.”


  • To create more understanding about current scenario of rural development among the masses.
  • Bring community development initiatives to the forefront.
  • Contributing positively to the current programs and strategies by developing new policies in the area of micro finance to help communities to become financially independent.

Project Rural Development:

  • Education and Teaching
    • English Teaching, After School Classes, Computer Classes.
  • Rural Waste Management
    • Organic Farming, Producing eco friendly, recycled and reusable products.
  • Empowerment and Healthcare
    • Women and girl empowerment, community and Social Health care, HIV/AIDS.
  • Economic Development
    • Micro-Finance, Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Cultural Education
    • Art and Dance, Developing Sports, Adventure, Recreation and Leisure time activities.